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Changing Lives

The service for the general public…or professional athlete…that helps to alleviate stress and anxiety from your life.

My focus is on sympathetic arousal and the increase in parasympathetic and autonomic function…bringing homeostasis to the nervous system.

I realise that stress and anxiety are very serious areas that need to be focused on and addressed in people's lives.

Our nervous system affects who we are…how we function…think…react…perform and live.

As a soft tissue specialist…movement analyst…and elite performance coach…I am widely versed in management of the above and have also sought advice from psychology professionals…who have further helped me in my neuromuscular work.

This ensures all of your needs are met.

I use an array of proven techniques that help to bring back the balance to your day.

I also hold the relevant training in working with people with mental illness…alcohol…substance abuse…and drug dependency.


Manage The Stress Response

A manual therapy package available at M.S.T. Clinic…helping to alleviate the stress response in the body. This includes:

  • Improving appropriate psychological stimulus (alertness…clarity…relaxation etc)

  • Letting go of stress & anxiety (Increasing parasympathetic and autonomic function)

  • Improving sleep & recovery

  • Enhancing arterial…venous & lymphatic circulation

  • Increasing cellular metabolism

  • Decreasing any tension…ischemia or pain

  • Providing more mental and physiological energy

  • Providing a confidential place where the world can be shut out.

  • Providing a confidential service where you can be in silence…or talk as much as you like

  • Developing more self-belief…confidence & self-awareness

All of my services take place at purpose built facilities in Altrincham…or I have the ability to provide this in a business or home setting.

Also offered is an unrivaled fitness & motivation system…based around improving health…repair…recovery…well being…and positivity. (True1% Performance Centre)


Food For Thought

I’d just like to bring your attention to a very thorough study linking prolonged stress to higher mortality rates in men.

This was conducted by Carolyn Aldwin…Michael Levenson…Heidi Igarashi…Nuoo-Ting Molitor…and John Molitor…with Oregon State University…and…Avron Spiro III with Boston.

“Most studies look at typical stress events that are geared at younger people, such as graduation, losing a job, having your first child,” says Aldwin. “I modified the stress measure to reflect the kinds of stress that we know impacts us more as we age, and even we were surprised at how strong the correlation between stress trajectories and mortality was.”

Aldwin points out that previous studies only examined stress at one time points…while this study examined it over a prolonged amount of years.

“It seems there is a threshold and perhaps with anything more than two major life events a year and people just max out,” Aldwin said. “We were surprised the effect was not linear and that the moderate group had a similar risk of death to the high-risk group.”

“People are hardy, and they can deal with a few major stress events each year,” Aldwin said. “But our research suggests that long-term, even moderate stress can have lethal effects.”

This is due to the physiological repercussions of continuous and prolonged activation of the sympathetic nervous system (the stress response).

Put simply…the changes in the body that occur during sympathetic arousal can take its toll and eventually exhaust the body…leading to many dysfunctions and health problems…which is why it’s so important to address.

The Yerkes-Dodson law also states that "An optimal level of arousal for performance exists, and too little or too much arousal can adversely affect task performance." 

Allow me to assist you in finding your balance.


Each person is consulted with on a confidential basis…feel free to get in touch so I can tailor make the treatment plan you need.

Start your journey today!

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