M.S.T. Exercise & Performance Mantra

Your “split," your “routine," your “plan," exercises and methodology, should reflect and address who and where you are functionally and neuromuscularly at, OUTSIDE of working out and why.

Logically, it has to be approached in that manner, no matter your desired effect from the training, otherwise injury, long term issue or contraindication is guaranteed to occur.

If the effort does not have your well being at the forefront of it, then the effort is in vain my friends.

Your body, is yours and there is no one size fits all, duplicate  plan, that universally works in the name of specific, individual progression or longevity. 

Whatever you pursue, pursue it from a personal retrospect, take into consideration, all of the considerations and remember that it’s not about the generic norm the masses are sold on following, it’s about discovering yourself…your own body and mind. 

The best exercise, stretch or circuit in the world, that everybody rants, raves and goes on about, could literally be the worst in the world for you or I, who knows without assessment.

What A Day To Be Alive

Disturb the paradigm.

Lee Cleaver- Soft Tissue Specialist - Movement Analyst - Elite Performance Coach


Lee Cleaver